Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Halloweenie weekend

It was a Happy Halloween at our house. On Thursday night we carved pumpkins and as you can see below, Henry was concentrating hard on making his pumpkin (above) turn out just right. There was a just a little help from mom there.

Dad decided against a knife and chose a Sawzall as his tool of choice to carve his pumpkin. His pumpkin was pretty cool and involved a circulating pump, some green water and looked like it was spewing through it's mouth.

Henry was a Denver Broncos football player for Halloween. He was excited about the costume when we got it a month ago. But a couple of days ago he told me he didn't want to be a Bronco anymore, he wanted to be a butterfly. can imagine how much his dad liked that prospect. My friend Kim suggested that we paste some wings on him and call him a horsefly. He eventually got over the butterfly idea and made a great Bronco.

Here are all of the Rogers cousins on Halloween. Back row left to right, Henry (Bronco), Gavin (vampire), Caitlyn (cat), Maisie (Tinkerbell), Front row, Danyn (clown), Thatcher (pumpkin), Spencer (vampire). The kids looked really dang cute.

On Saturday we enjoyed being outside and the kids had a ball playing in the leaves. We have enjoyed an Indian Summer, now bring on the snow!


Pinky Lovejoy said...

I'm cracking up at the idea of the butterfly costume. Kev would've had a heart attack for sure! The leave picture is SO cute! Did you dress up? Glad you had so much fun! :)

The Bayly's said...

I love Henry's 'concentration' look, that pumpkin didn't stand a chance. I want to see what Kev's pumpkin looked like though!

Thanks to you both for coming last night, and being good sports, we had a great time!

Buffy Clark said...

He looks cute in his Bronco costume, though I would have really like to see him in that butterfly costume.....maybe next year?????

Christi said...

Priceless! Henry's facial expressions always kill! Only Kev would use a power tool on a pumpkin. That's so HIM!

Erick and Libbey Chuy said...

Meg, I found your blog again. Finally! Great pictures.