Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Good thing I finally have some time off and I can now move on from the Halloween post. Good grief! I have really been slacking on the blog. We had a nice Christmas, low-key. It was so good to have my mom here the week before Christmas. We miss seeing my side of the family at Christmastime since we don't make it to California during this time of the year. Just too hard for Kevin to get away since the week between Christmas and New Year is the the busiest time of the year for the ski industry.

Henry was so impressed the Santa left him olives in his stocking. Santa knew this was one of his favorite foods.
Henry and Dad take a break from opening presents to pull a goofy face for the camera.

The mother of all gifts for Henry. The Super Power Guitar he has been talking about for the last month. He has the power stance down.

We are grateful to all of you...friends and family this Holiday season. Thank you for making our lives so rich.